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WhoMi collects, analyzes, and leverages AI-based behavioral finance and investment metrics to enhance financial institutions’ understanding of their clients, so they can customize and personalize services and products.

Armed with automated analytics, firms now
create new revenue streams, scale marketing and sales, reduce churn, and increase profits.

Individual, private investors can receive this information independently, directly from WhoMi.

Regardless of who you are, the onboarding process is quick, effortless, and secure, with no need for complicated costly integration.

We offer simple, attractive billing for all models.
Couple Working Together

Investor and Money Managers

  • See an analysis of how your personal behavioral biases affect your investments so you can focus on your best behavioral strategies.

  • Use a 24/7 screener to present personalized opportunities without spending substantial time or getting lost in the endless sea of opportunities. These are the securities you like to trade and have historically succeeded with.

  • Get sell alerts and manage your portfolio, navigating away from biases that drive lower performance.

  • See what other investors, with similar mindsets to yours are doing, and piggyback on their success.

  • Make all decisions on your own, or shift to a controlled, auto-invest mode to let your money work for you – as you would have done it … and even better.



  • Quickly and automatically match each client with most suited buy/sell opportunities.

  • Client portfolio onboarding: secure, fast, anonymous IDs

  • Increase your ability to serve more clients, in less time, with a totally different understanding of their behavior and a better service offering.

  • If you have a predetermined list of securities categorized by research units, you can match clients to investments based exclusively on this list and even enlarge it if needed with data from the market.

  • Use WhoMi, phone, meetings or other systems to inform clients

Work Desk

Research Platforms

  • The same customized, dynamic presentation strategy deployed today in Retail and other sectors is now ready for you to deploy in Fintech search.

  • Show each user a unique, personalized screen, based on behavioral matches

  • Add as many analysis tools and screeners as you'd like; WhoMi will show different information to different users

  • Create new and automated (or semi-automated) research lists with a fraction of the cost and time using your own research experts methodologies captured and enhanced our AI system

Stock Exchange

Brokerage Systems

  • Increase profits by guiding customers to products, services, and specific trades that best match their own personality and most successful corresponding strategies. Trading recommendations can be executed – using any brokerage system – manually by the customer, with the input of an advisor, or even automatically by WhoMi’s AI.

  • Convert your customers’ trading into a value-add experience that’s smart, personalized, and more profitable.

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